Spiritual Direction


What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is one-to-one conversation with a spiritual guide, in an atmosphere of trust, leading a person into a deeper awareness of and appreciation for God’s presence and movement in daily life. This process helps people who are seeking to live a more fully human, joy-filled life. The focus of a spiritual direction relationship is the directee’s experiences of the Holy One in his/her life and the way that communication happens between God and the directee. The relationship is that of a companion—one who has travelled both desert and oasis places. The companion can walk with the other in these same places and not be frightened by the doubts, pain, and confusion that the other brings. The companion can celebrate the other’s growing and healing. Through such a relationship, people make their personal journey:

  • From unrest to peace and joy
  • From loneliness to community
  • From selfishness to service
  • From addiction to freedom


Who is spiritual direction for?

Anyone seeking. . . . . .to deepen his/her relationship with God . . .to live a fuller, more authentic life . . .to be accompanied on his/her journey by a spiritual companion

What is a spiritual director?

  • An attentive listener
  • A discerning presence
  • A companion on the journey

Providence Renewal Centre is pleased to be affiliated with a group of professionally trained and experienced spiritual directors. These spiritual directors make themselves available to provide spiritual direction at Providence Renewal Centre.   Procedure: Once you have read the short biography of the spiritual directors, we encourage you to select up to three who you feel you may be interested in as a spiritual director. Next, email each of the spiritual directors you have selected and tell them you are looking for a spiritual director and would like to talk with them about this. Your spiritual director will probably initiate conversation about:

  • The nature of spiritual direction
  • The roles of the director and person receiving direction
  • The length and frequency of direction sessions
  • The process for evaluation and terminating the relationship
  • The fee structure for spiritual directions (based on a sliding scale and negotiable)

Formation for the Ministry of Spiritual Direction We are pleased to offer PRESENCE, a formation program for the ministry of spiritual direction, beginning in September 2025. Participants must have completed Becoming Spiritual Formation Program to enroll in PRESENCE. For more information, email [email protected]


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