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myrna wilson

Life is like a journey with many ups and downs, twists and turns that can take us to new places, people and events along the way. As we walk, our experiences vary and our needs change. I have discovered the value of moving from the periphery of the daily events into the deeper movements of the soul with the help of spiritual friends. This is where I’ve begun to discover the many treasures of the heart. The Holy Spirit is the guide who directs and leads us on to see God’s peace, purpose and presence unfold in the everyday fabric of life. I have been drawn from my life as a nurse of 15 years to search, grow and move into the place where God invites me to fuller life. Some of the passions and interests of my journey include being a wife and mother to four beautiful children, involvement in healing prayer ministries, worship, spiritual formation groups, and a love for outdoor recreation. I have taken the training for discernment and spiritual direction at PRC and have been involved in various retreats, leading reflections and private spiritual direction sessions. Currently I look forward to completeing a Masters of Theological Study at Taylor Seminary in spring 2014. My Christian heritage is from within the Christian Reformed Church where I am currently an active member in a local church. I respect and value the places where my path intersects with other Christian traditions and have been greatly blessed by the riches shared. Every relationship I have opportunity to be engaged with is treated with respect and openness while listening for God’s movement and creative ways of connecting and meeting each person where needed. My awe continues to grow at the way God meets every individual in the joys, sorrows, mundane and exciting events that awaken us to the sacredness of everyday life. This life is called into the fullness of Christ and reflects one of my favorite quotes, by Irenaeus “The glory of God is man (human beings) fully alive”.

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