Presence Program


Called in Love, Sent to Serve

Are you called to be a companion to others on their spiritual journey?

PRESENCE is a two-year spiritual formation program, in the Christian tradition, designed to help participants grow in self-knowledge as they explore the ministry of spiritual direction. Being in a spiritual direction relationship for at least a year is a pre-requisite for PRESENCE.

The first year, Called in Love, focuses on deepening one’s personal spiritual life and discerning one’s call to spiritual direction ministry through a series of workshops, retreats, group and individual reflection opportunities. Participants may opt to continue to year two or not.

The second year, Sent to Serve, nurtures the skills required in the ministry of spiritual direction through a supervised practicum, as well as through a series of workshops, group reflection, and retreats. Year one is a pre-requisite for year two. 

PRESENCE is scheduled to begin September 2020.


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  1. PRESENCE Overview  with admission requirements, program details, dates, and fees
  2. PRESENCE 2020-2022 Application Form – complete and submit by March 15, 2020
  3. PRESENCE Letter of Reference 2020-2022 to provide to three people who are willing to write a letter of recommendation for you.

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Transfer Credit available from St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton