Presence 2020


Called in Love, Sent to Serve

PRESENCE is two-year, part-time spiritual formation program, in the Christian tradition, which focuses on:

Spiritual Growth & Faith Development

Prayer & Discernment

Spiritual Direction Training

PRESENCE consists of eight weekend learning modules (Friday 1:00 pm to Saturday 4:00 pm) and two 5-day retreats (Monday-Friday) per year within the peaceful and nurturing environment of Providence Renewal Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.  Registration for Presence 2020 is complete.  Thank you for keeping our participants in your prayers.

CALLED IN LOVE (Year One: Sept 2020 to June 2021)
Explore your personal spiritual history through topics such as: My Sacred Story, Foundations of the Spiritual Life, Reflecting Theologically, Being Human, Images of God and the Dark Night of the Soul, Human Sexuality, Sacred Text/Living Word and Honoring Life’s Transitions.

Experience pathways to prayer during a five-day, mid-winter guided retreat and reflect on how you are called in love. Discern whether you are sent to serve in the ministry of spiritual direction during a five-day silent directed retreat at year’s end.

SENT TO SERVE (Year Two: Sept 2021 to June 2022)
Learn and develop the skills and competencies associated with Spiritual Direction through modules such as: Ethics of Self-Awareness and Self-Care, Grief and Loss, Mercy and Forgiveness, Addictions and the Twelve Steps, and the Enneagram plus a five-day, mid-winter retreat on discernment and a year-end silent retreat.

Practice the ministry of spiritual direction within a community of learners and through an eight-month, supervised practicum. Personal and group supervision will comprise reflective disciplines for ongoing contemplative practice.


Graduate Testimonials

Providence Renewal Centre

3005 119 St NW
Edmonton AB T6J 5R5
Transfer Credit available from St. Stephen’s College, Edmonton