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faith nostbakken phd mts

Born and raised in a Catholic tradition, I realized how valuable and integral my Christian faith is to my spiritual life. In my travels throughout Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, I learned to appreciate other faith traditions and cultures and honour other’s unique perspective and worldview. My nursing, social work, administrative, and theological background has enhanced my ability to listen deeply with compassion in attending to body, mind, and spirit in a holistic way. I am receptive to silence and interior movement and help others to do likewise in a non-judgemental and evocative stance.  I foster a grounded and centred encounter with the Divine, self, others, and nature. I believe God will meet us wherever we are in our stage and/or phase of life.

My commitment to self-knowledge and growth in faith led me to Providence Renewal Centre where I participated in Following Sacred Pathways, a six-month faith formation series which consisted of retreats and workshops exploring various aspects of spirituality, the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, and Presence: a two-year program for the formation of spiritual directors. This commitment has re-affirmed my calling to accompany others in their spiritual journey.

In my ministry of spiritual direction, I journey alongside you.  I offer a warm welcoming space where you can feel comfortable and safe. Come as you are, explore possible routes along the way, and discern every step taken towards God who leads the way. Guided by your own inner wisdom, richness of your own personal experiences and cultural background, we will endeavor a prayerful quest for God’s loving presence in every encounter with self, others, and nature.

I am available for in-person, by phone or via zoom for spiritual directions. I am also available for a day, weekend, or a week-long retreats.

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