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sherry dahl

Who am I?  Where am I being called?  What is the Divine (as I understand the Divine) saying to me now?  What does it mean to be a spiritual person within or outside a faith tradition?  Are there practices that might help me in my journey?  Spiritual direction, in an atmosphere of support, companionship, confidentiality and non-judgment, offers safe space to explore such questions and engage in ongoing inner work arising from your uniquely personal answers.  A graduate of the Presence Program of Providence Renewal Centre with a Master of Arts in Spirituality and Liturgy from St. Stephen’s College, I have been a spiritual director since 2002.  Life-long learning is central to who I am and continues to evolve my reverence for the trinity of Light, Love and Wisdom woven throughout history and within creation itself.  With what I describe as Christian roots and Cosmic branches, I welcome spiritual seekers from all faith traditions, or none, and I am happy to walk with those who journey within the LGBTQAI2S+ community.  Privileged to study at the Enneagram Institute of Stone Ridge, New York, I have a passion for the Enneagram as a tool for spiritual and psychological growth, and training in systemic constellations has shown me that family of origin and ancestral background can be territory worth exploring.  Numerous courses in energy work and an interest in indigenous justice and spirituality are also part of my background.  As well, I have a certificate in grief support from Taking Flight International.  Exposure to painful and traumatic details from 30 years as a court reporter equips me to receive all parts of your story with relaxed openness and compassion.   I have volunteered at the Edmonton Institution for Women and more recently with the Elizabeth Fry Society.  Throughout my life I have been associated with the United Church of Canada.  I am blessed to be the mother of four and grandmother of two.

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