Self-Care Day: Your Spiritual Pathways- Event # 16101




Self-Care Day: Your Spiritual Pathway

PRC Program Team

Do you like to spend time with scriptures?  Perhaps you prefer a meditative walk in the woods.  Is your ideal time in prayer focused on recitation?  Does sitting in silence give you a sense of solace?  While there are as many ways to engage with the Divine as there are individuals, it is possible to identify towards one of four spiritual pathways.  These pathways are the path of intellect, the path of devotion, the path of service, and the path of ascetism.

Join us at Providence Renewal Centre on September 28, 2024, from 10am-3pm, to explore the Four Spiritual Pathways.    Relax in a day of reflection and self-care, gather to share a buffet lunch, walk the grounds, and join others in conversation.

Saturday September 28, 2024 (10am-3pm)

$45 (inc. buffet lunch)                  Event # 16101                  Register by September 23, 2024


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