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maureen barr
“You find God in yourself and yourself in God” St. Teresa of Avila
Often we don’t take time to pause and place ourselves within the Spirit and listen. In spiritual direction I assist a person to take time to explore, expand or reconnect with the spirit within and recognize God in their daily lives. I feel blessed to be witness to God working in each person’s life. Before I took my spiritual direction training I was a teacher and principal. I have studied at Newman Theological College (BRE) and the University of Seattle (MRE) where I was able to explore my interest in theology, scripture, faith leadership, spiritual direction and spiritual practices. I also have background in Ignatian, Franciscan, Augustinian, and Buddhist meditation and prayer practices. My experience and training have especially prepared me to assist those who are: in time of transition, trying to find balance, doubting their faith, struggling to find meaning in life, or dealing with illness or grief.

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