ron flamand

“In its classical form, spiritual direction is a one-on-one relationship organized around prayer and conversation directed toward deepening intimacy with God.” David G Benner

In ordinary everyday language I like to say that we are all walking each other home.

Questions, doubts, awe and wonder, grief, loss, meaning, purpose, gratitude, direction, emotions, celebration and anything else that helps define our common humanity can all be used as part of deepening our intimacy with God as together we journey, seeking to discern, celebrate and hold in reverence the presence and movement of the Spirit in, through and around us. Spiritual directors are not experts, nor do we direct. We are companions, listening for what is both spoken and left unspoken; listening for matters both of the mind and of the heart. We accompany others who, like ourselves, are committed to the process of spiritual enrichment and transformation. We seek to discern the presence and leading of the Spirit, the One who is our true Spiritual Director.

A life filled with rich lifelong choral singing, raising three daughters, a fulfilling marriage, congregational ministry, hospital chaplaincy, contemplative prayer, pushing myself at the gym, journeying with others as I continue my own recovery work, exploring ancestral roots and most recently, the enneagram, have provided and continue to provide a broad, deep, rich and variegated tapestry for developing presence, attentive listening, curiosity, experiencing consonance and dissonance, exploring the nudging of the Spirit and companionship on the journey.

I am a graduate of the Spiritual Direction Formation Program, an ecumenical program offered through Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal Centre, Saskatoon, SK.

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