LINDA MacIsaac

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ron flamand

I believe as a spiritual companion my role is to listen deeply with the heart, and to allow the Spirit to lead and be the guide, as you seek ways to deepen and grow in your relationship with the Holy.  In journeying together, we can be attentive to the ways in which you experience God’s presence in your daily life. You may be struggling with some of life’s many challenges, grieving a loss, wrestling with doubt, feeling overwhelmed, or experiencing a shift in your faith, your images of God, or your prayer life. In spiritual direction you will be supported with compassion as you grow in living the questions of your unique relationship with Mystery.

I have a Master of Spirituality degree, and my training in Spiritual Direction is through the Haden Institute. I have a grounding in contemplation, spiritual discernment, the use of dreams and Jungian psychology in spiritual direction, and the care of soul/mind/body. I am on the Programming Team at Providence Renewal Centre.

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