Following Sacred Pathways

Walking Together in Faith

Looking to journey with others desiring spiritual growth? This is a three-month spiritual formation program designed for those seeking a community within which to:

  • grow in self-awareness
  • deepen one’s relationship with the Divine
  • explore practices to deepen one’s spiritual journey

Gather for prayer, discussion, and reflection while attending this springtime selection of retreats and workshops focused on growing creative practices as pathways to deepen your spiritual life. Come explore and expand your creative inner ‘way of knowing’! The small group gatherings create ‘space’ to listen for the voice of the Spirit within yourself and in sharing with others. Journaling, reflection, and suggested readings provide focus for group sessions.  

The journey includes:

Step 1

PONDERING the POWER of POETRY – Wednesdays, March 25 and April 01  (7-9 pm)

Pathways travelers gather for reflection and supper
March 25 & April 1 (5-7 pm)

PONDERING the POWER of POETRY (Event #13725)

Antoinette Voûte Roeder

WEDNESDAYS: March 25 and April 1 (7 – 9 PM)

This retreat will comprise two evenings: Spiritual Poetry in Various Religious Traditions (March 25), AND The Hidden Spirituality of Poetry (April 1), the first of which will look at and sample poetry from different faith traditions.


Step 2

TOUCH DRAWING RETREAT – Friday April 17 (7:00 pm) to Sunday April 19 (1:00 pm)

Pathways travelers gather for reflection
Sunday April 19 (1-3 pm)


TOUCH DRAWING RETREAT: A Creative Process of Discovery (Event #13731)

Deborah Kirkpatrick   –

Friday April 17 (7:00 pm) to Sunday April 19 (1:00 pm)

Are you longing for a deeper way to connect with yourself and the Sacred? Do you sense that there is something emerging into your awareness that wants to be nurtured? Come and explore the simple yet profound process of Touch Drawing. Fingers and hands take the place of pen or brush. Tissue paper, placed over a board to which paint has been applied, is the canvas. Wherever the paper is touched, an imprint is made. Impulses from within take form on the paper. This intuitive, meditative, tactile process can yield spiritual insight and open one to self-discovery and emotional healing. In a supportive community of fellow travelers, participants will have the opportunity to do three touch drawing sessions and gather to receive facilitated integration of their experiences. Also enjoy the benefit of the beautiful grounds and meals at Providence Renewal Centre. No art experience necessary. Touch Drawing was developed by Deborah Koff-Chapin, see


Step 3

Pathways to Perspectives – Saturday, May 30 (10:00 am -3:00 pm)

Pathways travelers gather for reflection
Sunday May 30 (3-5 pm)


Carol Sebastian & Linda MacIsaac

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye. (Antoine de Saint Exupery).

Saturday, May 30 (10:00 am to 3:00 pm)

Come explore what it means to see, the many ways we see, and the tools that might help us to focus our seeing. We begin with the centuries old spiritual tradition of walking the labyrinth to quiet our busy minds and open our hearts to creative seeing. Using photography, employing the cameras on our personal devices, we will attempt to shift our perspective from taking a photo to receiving an inspiration. Join us as we combine ancient meditative practice and modern technology to open the lens of our hearts. Dress for the weather, and bring a cell phone or tablet, a journal, and a sense of adventure!


Let’s get growing…

 $400.00 includes accommodations, meals and program fees (payable in 2 installments)

Event #13396     Register by: March 12, 2020 – Limited space

TO REGISTER, click here or call Cory at 780-701-1854 (Tues, Thurs, Fri)


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