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Private Retreats & Sabbaticals

The Lord leads me beside still waters … and refreshes my soul
(Ps. 23:2-3)

A retreat is a time away from our regular routine in order to spend time in prayer and reflection – a time to rest with God.  A retreat is a way to care for your soul, to get perspective, to renew and deepen your relationship with the Divine.  Withdrawing to a quiet place is a good opportunity to take a fresh look at life, to sort things out.  It’s a time to wonder about the nature of reality.  What really matters?  How is the Creator being revealed in me, around me and within the entire universe? 

There are different kinds of retreats:  preached retreats, where a leader offers conferences each day, leads prayer and is often available for one-on-one listening; directed retreats where a person meets with a spiritual director each day who may suggest scripture passages for prayer and reflection and private retreats. Click to see our event calendar for more details on our upcoming preached and directed retreats.

Unlike other retreats, on  private retreats  a person is on their own to pray, reflect, and rest with God. A private retreat can be a day in a parlour, over night, for a few days, or for one to four weeks.  When a private retreat is extended beyond one month to a maximum of a year it is called a sabbatical.  Those on sabbatical are welcome to participate in many of our programs. Spiritual direction can be made available for those on private retreats and sabbaticals.

Sacred Space is the name of our private retreat area.  All guests of our Sacred Space enjoy a private room with attached bath. These five cozy rooms located on the main floor are warmly decorated and ready to welcome you. The area also features a common kitchen, a quiet reflection/prayer room, and a laundry room.  The space offers access to the upstairs chapel, reading room, and individual parlors.

Click here for Private Retreat and Sabbatical Fees.

To book a day retreat in one of our parlors or an overnight private retreat in  Sacred Space, please call Cressy Silveira at (780) 430-9491 and press 0 for the reception desk or email.   For information about sabbaticals, please contact Debbie Doornbos, Program Director at (780) 701-1853 or email.

 “The Well of Providence is deep.  It’s the buckets we bring to it that are small.”