This year’s Lenten invitation is to Look, Linger and Listen to God’s presence in your life. Lent is a time to consider the perspective with which you engage life and where and how it might be adjusted to better focus on God’s abundant and enduring love

Week 4 – RETURN 

Scripture: Luke 15: 1-3, 11:32

Look (at your life):

Where in your life are you waiting or being waited for?

Where in your life are you considering a change?


Linger (with your experience):

How does it feel to wait?

How does it feel to be waited for?

Ponder feelings around change … leaving, returning … expectation and reception…

Might expectation change perspective?

Listen (to your heart):

What is the invitation/temptation in a desire for change?

What might be learned from experiences of waiting and being waited for?