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Last minute reminder

May 26
Providence Renewal Centre
3005 119 St NW
10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Book sale

We are having a book sale on May 26. Almost all the books from our book store will be available at a reduced price. Please come to Providence Renewal Centre, 3005 119 St NW, between 10:00 am and 3:30 pm and take advantage of the sale prices. Poster

Personal Growth

Journeys of Personal Spiritual Formation SUMMER 2017
is a personal spiritual formation program intended to provide ‘space’ for you to hear the gentle voice of the Spirit as you listen deeply and compassionately to one another within the context of community, and continue your individual journey of faith. The retreats that make up the summer 2017 Following Sacred Pathways program are part of the scheduled Providence Renewal Centre program retreats: Praying on the Move, Making Jesus’ Prayer for Unity our Own, and Journey toward an Undivided Life. Each retreat will include an additional time of community prayer and faith sharing just for the Following Sacred Pathways participants to help deepen your retreat experience.
For more information and to register, visit www.providencerenewal.ca or call 780-701-1854.
Providence Renewal Centre, 3005 119 St. NW, Edmonton.